Become Cool Like Us

Our lab has M.S. student, Ph.D. student, and post-doctoral positions. Students apply through the Applied Plant Sciences, Plant and Microbial Biology, or the Land and Atmospheric Sciences inter-departmental graduate programs here at the University of Minnesota. Typically, I have had extensive communication with accepted students prior to their admission into my lab. As admission criteria to our program, we expect that prospective graduate students come with research experience, either in a previous academic program or in the field, and have a strong interest in learning how soil microbial processes contribute to building a sustainable agriculture system. Many prospective students are in touch with me in the fall prior to the year they wish to begin graduate school at UMN. I try to ensure that students admitted to our lab are guaranteed a stipend for a majority of their standard-length graduate program. I look forward to discussing funding options,  including Research Assistantships (RAs) funded by grants in our lab; fellowships such as the Diversity of Research and Experiences (DOVE), CFANS Diversity Scholars program, and the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change (ICGC); or a combination. If you feel you qualify for a diversity-based fellowship, please communicate this to me when we talk. Prospective post-docs apply directly through contact with me followed by the formal job application process.

We welcome you to peruse our website and learn more about our team!

Julie and Gaby smiling with their thumbs up in front of a row of crops covered with sheer row cover
 Bonsa, Gaby, and Madi stand and smile in front of the summer cover crops plots in St. Paul