Vetch roots with nodules on dug up soil
Field of corns and sunflowers
2023 marbleseed conference
Marie interviewing farmers on hillside in Rwanda
2023 Spring Fling


The Grossman Lab explores the ways in which we can better manage legume-rhizobia relationships to enhance soil health, with the ultimate goal of developing sustainable and resilient food production systems.

We strive to ethically co-create and share scientific understanding by working with a wide range of community partners and valuing all forms of knowledge.

We mentor future changemakers by facilitating community-based learning in classroom and research settings.

We aim to learn with integrity, challenge our assumptions, and create respectful and safe spaces for a diversity of people and ideas.

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El Laboritorio de Grossman explora las formas en que podemos manejar la relación entre leguminosas y rizobios para enriquecer la salud de suelo, con la meta principal de desarrollar sistemas de producción alimenticios sostenibles y resilientes.

Nos esforzamos por co-crear, éticamente, entendimiento científico y compartir con un amplio rango de socios comunitarios, valorando todo tipo de conocimiento.

Orientamos a futuros hacedores de cambio, al facilitar el aprendizaje basado en comunidad, tanto en el contexto del aula como de investigación.

Aspiramos aprender con integridad, desafiar nuestras suposiciones y crear espacios seguros y de respeto para la diversidad de personas e ideas.

Our research falls within three general areas:
  • The influence of agricultural management on microbial functioning, especially as related to the legume-rhizobia symbiosis
  • The effect of organic production approaches on soil health and quality
  • The impact of agroecosystem diversification on microbially-driven soil processes

A central thread that connects much of our work is the examination of diversification strategies such as cover cropping. We are fascinated by the role of microbes that drive the critical soil processes on which diverse agroecosystems depend for long-term stability.

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