Grossman lab members 2022
The Grossman Lab logo, with a center, circular image of a compound green leaf on one half and a taproot with nodules on the other half. Surrounding the circle, there is text that reads "The Grossman Lab" on the top in pink and "Soil Agroecology" on the bottom in brown

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Former Graduate Students, Post-Docs and Staff

Naomy Candelaria, M.S., Puerto Rico

Sharon Perrone, Ph.D., USDA

Vivian Wauters, Ph.D., University of California-Davis

Anne Pfeiffer, M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Miriam Gieske, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Illinois

Charlotte Thurston, M.S., Ann Arbor, MI

Fucui Li, Ph.D., China Agriculture University

Peyton Ginakes, Ph.D., Post-doc, University of Maine

Alex Liebman, M.S., Seattle, WA

Liz Perkus, M.S., Spain

Michelle Dobbratz, M.S., Ph.D. Student, University of Minnesota

Dan Raskin, M.S., Technician, University of Minnesota

Mary Parr, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Berea College

Nape Mothapo, M.S., Ph.D. Candidate, North Carolina State University

Arun Jani, M.S., PhD Candidate, University of Florida

Erika Larsen, Physical Scientist, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Matthew Brown, International Farming Corporation, LLC

Chris Bordeaux, Director of Natural Resource Management, Unique Places, LLC

Brunda De Bacco Lopes

Mohamed Said Ibrahim

Former Lab Technicians, Interns, and Assistants

Maya Gabor (Work internship from Carleton College - Summer 2022)

Sarah Beth Hobby (Work internship from Macalester College - Summer 2022)

Oliver Hoffman (Research and Extension Experiences for Undergraduates (REEU) Summer Program - Summer 2022)

David Foley

Frechno Boko

Tanner Beckstrom

Zala Čok

Mar Horns

Emily Swanson

Sarah Becknell

Justin Panka

Bonsa Mohamed

Siwook Hwang

Victoria Hoeppner

Loren Weber

Yordanose Solomone

Elayna Shapiro

Rachel Brann

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